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Performance Videos

Tonight Belongs to Us

Live in-rehearsal performance from The PROM at the Alliance Theatre 2017

Collins Conley: in blue jumpsuit

Choreography: Casey Nicholaw




My self-choreographed solo 2008

Music: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope


Mean Girls performance on The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018

Collins Conley: in orange shirt and camo vest

Choreography: Casey Nicholaw




Mean Girls: The Musical performance footage

Collins Conley: Sexy Corn

Karen Smith: Kate Rockwell

Choreography: Casey Nicholaw



Center Aisle

2nd place Spotlight Nationals 2007

Multiple 1st place regional titles in Colorado

Choreogrpahy: Mia Backlin

Music: Center Aisle by Caedmon's Call

Bangin' Buckets Baby

Tap duet from Cedar Point's Live Entertainment Cabaret 2012

Partner: Katie Mickunas

Choreography: EJ Ferencak

Music: Officially Missing You




Self choreographed for Dance Showcase Spring 2009

Partner: Joshua Rigo

Music: Comfortable by John Mayer


Cedar Point's Lumiosity: Ignite the Night

Partner: Ryan Jackson

Choreography: EJ Ferencak & Alicia Pociask

Music: E.T. by Katy Perry

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